Dragon Boat Festivals Thailand
Dragon Boat Festivals Thailand
Dragon Boat Festivals Thailand

Corporate Dragon Boat Regatta

Corporate Dragon Boat Teams are invited to enter the Pattaya Dragon Festivals in November 2013 and the Phuket Dragon Boat Festival in April 2014. The Teams will have 25 members in total and must have at least 8 female paddlers and a maximum of 20 paddlers or minimum of 16.

The Corporate Dragon Boat Teams will compete for the International Corporate Dragon Boat Challenge Cup and this will be awarded to the fastest teams in the finals on the 3rd day of the competition.

All Corporate Dragon Boat teams will be allowed a training session on the 23 November but the times must be booked in advance to ensure all teams are allocated a slot. Training is essential if you want to enjoy this event. But vital if you want to win it. This event is ideal for beginners and is not open to Dragon Boat Teams that train regularly and race internationally. The Corporate Dragon Boat Challenge is a Festival designed to encourage new comers to Dragon Boating.

We include a day of Schools Dragon Boating at the start of the event to promote our aim of developing the sport in Thailand, with youngsters. Corporate Teams or entities wishing to support School teams may wish to indicate this to the organisers of the Festival. If your company wishes to promote CSR please contact us.


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